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Threeways House is a family run Bed & Breakfast business located in the very quiet village of Everdon. Whilst we are unable to offer rooms with specific disabled facilities, we do have an ensuite ground floor room which may suit some guests. Please feel free to telephone or email us to discuss your specific requirements, we will be only too pleased to try and assist you. We hope the following information may be helpful.


  • We are very pleased to help our guests to the best of our ability with any special requests they may have. We are unable to offer text 'phone or fax facilities, but can send/receive emails for our guests. We offer our guests free WiFi. We are pleased to offer any printed information in large print format.
  • Daventry is the nearest town to Everdon, it is approximately four miles by road. There is a daily, but very limited bus service between Everdon and Daventry. There are several taxi companies available and we are pleased to provide our guests with telephone numbers and advice on their usage.
  • There is a shop-mobility scheme in Daventry, it is located next to the bus station, in the town centre.
  • All guests are personally greeted by the Owner, or family member.
  • Initial contact may be made either by ringing the front door bell which is accessed via a gently sloping smooth path which has a 10cm step at the beginning and a 10cm step approximately 1m from the front door, or by telephoning the main number.
  • All guests are offered verbal advice on parking and are offered assistance with their luggage.
  • We are pleased to offer our guests secure, off-road parking.
  • We have a drop-off point immediately outside the entrance to our guest accommodation.
  • Our driveway is initially gently sloping tarmac which becomes small gravel as it enters our property.
  • We do not have any kerb stones and the parking allows easy access to guests vehicles.
  • Since our business operates between two close, but separate buildings, all guests are given an explanation and directions on how and where to seek assistance, and on how to access the dining room.
Main Entrance and Reception

  • Being a Bed & Breakfast as opposed to a more formal hotel, we do not operate a reception facility/area. All guests are given keys allowing them to access the property at all times during their stay. There is a small step of approximately 15cms on entering the door accessing our three first floor rooms.
  • There is a small step of approximately 10cms on entering the door into our one ground floor room.
  • Our guests travel across a smoothly paved terrace between the guest accommodation and the main house which contains the dining room for breakfast. There is a small step of approximately 10cms, approximately 1.2m in front of the dining room door. There is a small step of approximately 15cms on entering the dining room.
  • Outdoor seating is available between the guest accommodation building and the main house.
Public Areas - Hall, Stairs, Landing, Corridors etc

  • The entrance lobby to the three first floor rooms has a 15cm step on entering. The floor surface is quarry tiled with some non slip rugs. The enclosed staircase has standard sized treads and risers and these are fully carpeted. There is a rope hand rail. The upstairs landing is fully carpeted. The walls and flooring are dark in colour with white painted skirting boards and door surrounds.
  • We do not have a guests sitting room.
  • Guests are very welcome to enjoy our garden. There is a gravelled driveway immediately outside the guest accommodation which leads on around the garden area. There is a large lawn which is mainly level, but which also has several sloping areas around the edges, these slopes and some of the stone paths in the garden may become slippery in wet or damp weather - please take great care! There is some occasional seating in the garden.
Additional Information
  • All our rooms have hard wired smoke alarms and are provided with torches. Guests are advised what to do in the event of a fire. The owner, or family member are always available to help guests.
  • We ask our guests not to smoke anywhere on our premises.
  • We are unable to hire or provide any specific disability equipment.
  • Mobile 'phone reception is available on our premises, however, the quality of this varies considerably depending on the service provider. O2 has been found to be the most consistent.
  • Free WiFi is available.
  • We are able to store medications or specific dietary requirements in a fridge or freezer on request.
  • We are pleased to accommodate service dogs in our downstairs room, including provision of dog bowls, etc.

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